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Bulk bag wholesalers

Bulk bag wholesalers


At Warrington Bulk Bags we are bulk bag wholesalers and suppliers. Over our 15 years in the industry we have gained a wide client base, from a range of different industries and we have earned a reputable name as a trusted bulk bag wholesaler. We have gained an excellent reputation within the UK for being a reliable bulk bag wholesaler for both individuals and businesses alike. We have been bulk bag wholesalers for a range of industries including construction, agriculture, food, recycling, retail and waste. 

Range available at Warrington Bulk Bags

As a bulk bag wholesaler we have to ensure that there is a wide range of varying bulk bags available for our customers and clients. It is important  that we stock and supplier a good variety of stock as bulk bag wholesalers as it results in more satisfied and happy customers. The range of bags we sell include tonne bulk bags, vented bulk bags, new bulk bags, recycled bulk bags and bespoke bulk bags, all available from our ware house in Warrington.  To guarantee that we  have happy customers and clients, we also provide a next day delivery service for all of the bulk bags we have in stock, meaning we can get them delivered on-site within the next working day, a service that not many other bulk bag wholesalers can provide. As a reliable bulk bag wholesaler we always make sure that of stock is of the highest quality and standards, and because we also recycle old bag we like to  make sure that these are all free of damage and clean before we sell them on.

Choosing the right bulk bag for you

Depending on your industry as bulk bag wholesalers we have a wide range of bags available. Warrington Bulk Bags has been bulk bag wholesalers  for 15 years so if you are unsure about which bulk bag is right for you are team will help finding  the most suitable one for you and your business.  If you have specific requirements for your bulk bags then we can manufacture a bespoke bulk bag or number of bags to suit your needs. Get in touch with a member of the Warrington Bulk Bag team today for more information, or come down Warrington to our warehouse to visit the bulk bag wholesaler team.