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Tonne bulk bags

Tonne bulk bags

We provide a wide range of bags here at Warrington Bulk Bags,  suitable for all industries and purposes including tonne bulk bags. Tonne bulk bags are great from transporting and moving large quantities of materials and resources. Our tonne bags can come with handles which means that they can be lifted using fork-lifts and any other heavy-duty vehicle. Our tonne bulk bags are ideal for building sites and construction amongst other industries such as agriculture, pharmaceutical, retails and food

Our tonne bulk bags

Our 1 tonne bulk bags come with handles for easy manoeuvring and transportation, at Warrington bulk bags we make sure that these handles are strong enough to maintain a safe working loads of around 1000kg in weight which is specified for all our tonne bulk bags. We also check that each of our ton bags are safe to use and are hard-wearing enough for industry and are suitable for both single and multi-trips. At Warrington Bulk Bags we also make sure that all our tonne industrial bags, whether new or recycled are ready and certified for industry use. Warrington Bulk Bags have 15 years in the industry and so we can help in finding the most suitable tonne bulk bag for you, your business or whatever your purpose might be. Come visit us at the Warrington Bulk Bag warehouse in Cheshire to see the full tonne bulk bag range.

The tonne bulk bag range available

Our tonne bags are also available with a range of filling options including discharge spout, filling spout and top skirt options available. The ton bulk bags are also available with a range of loop handles available. If you cannot however find the tonne bulk bag you are looking for we also provide a bespoke tonne bulk bag service, designing and manufacturing a bag which fits your specifications, our bespoke service also has quick turnaround times compared with other bespoke services on the market. For more information about our Tonne bulk bags and any other products we stock and sell get in touch with a member of the Warrington Bulk Bag team today for more information about our range.