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Vented bulk bags

Vented bulk bags

Vented bulk bags are suitable for a range of purposes especially the drying, storing and transportation of logs. However vented bulk bags can also be used for food storage and collection as the ventilation provides air to products within the bag keeping them fresh and well-aired. Vented bulk bags are created for example, by having two ventilation panels on the bag usually made from polypropylene so that air can flow through the products keeping them ventilated and fresh.

Our vented bulk bag range

Like all of the bulk bags available from Warrington Bulk Bags we have a wide range available with varying features and specifications. For our vented bulk bags this is no different. Our vented bulk bags are available in a range of sizes and dimensions depending on the purpose you use the vented bulk bags for, we also have a range of vented bulk bags varying in strengths to whether you need it for industry or domestic use. Another feature available with our vented bulk bags is the amount of handles with each bag as this depends again on the level of use for the vented bag and also filling options- open spout and discharge spout. If you cannot find a vented bulk bag which is right for you we also have a bespoke vented bulk bag service where we can design and manufacture a bag whatever your needs might be. Our bespoke service has a quick turnaround, faster than similar services available within the industry.

Warrington Bulk Bags service

At our warehouse in Cheshire we have a wide range of bulk bags available including vented bulk bags, tonne bulk bags, old and new bulk bags, bespoke bulk bags and recycled bulk bags.  Warrington Bulk Bags has been in business for around 15 years and our expertise in the area is second to none. If you are unsure about which vented bulk bag is right for you are team will help finding  the most suitable one for you and your business.  If you would like more information about our vented bulk bags or any other products we stock get in touch today, or come down and visit us.