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Bulk Bags for Construction Needs: Sand, Gravel, Shotcrete, Refractories Storage and Transportation

Bulk Bags for Construction Needs: Sand, Gravel, Shotcrete, Refractories Storage and Transportation

According to the Office for National Statistics in the United Kingdom the construction industry growth was steady since 2000 till 2008 and increased by 17.1 percent’ as a portion of the country’s GDP – following years were a decline in the share. Mirror view effect in the graphs. Why? And what construction bulk bags have to do with these events? Let’s find the answers...

Economic crisis of 2007 – 2008, which is considered to be the second worse financial crisis after the Great Depression of 1930s, was an ordeal for many construction companies forcing these into staff layoffs, tough financial re-budgetings and money-saving technologies implemented as soon as possible. Bulk bags for construction needs have been in use for comparatively not long period but steadily growing in popularity since the end of the recession years. These include but are not limited to: sand bulk bags, bulk bags for gravel, bulk bags for shotcrete and refractories. Transportation and storage of the mentioned materials in the construction bags has its advantages:

•    Transportation in a variety of vehicles, not just tie-up lorries
•    Low loss of the material during the transportation and loading / unloading
•    Storage space saving , whereas it would take 2x or 3x space more if stored un-bagged (in piles)
•    No need for a power shovel – a simple loader is enough
•    Protection against unwanted impurities
•    Protection against moist conditions and tarps
•    Re-usability and durability
•    Easy unloading mechanisms of the bulk bags themselves
•    Ability to store bulk bags with different contents like sand and shotcrete under one roof or even side by side
•    Hardly any need for a clean up after the bags are taken away

These are a few but far not all advantages of the use of bulk bags at the construction sites. Fortunately, for many business owners and construction site administrators bulk bags are remaining affordable and easy-to-use option.
Meanwhile, there is one more frequent use of bulk bags for sand – to prevent or control floods. Only in 2013 flood brought 25 deaths in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. Sand bags may be used both by the emergency services and individual citizens as effective damage prevention means.